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Elli Sarri-Neate Blue Mouse Art

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Elli is a textile fiber artist specialising in using wool fibres to create animal sculptures and paintings. Her work is influenced by the wildlife and scenic beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. Elli believes using wool to create sustainable art is important in the environment we live in. She works to create realistic animals with character, using a wire frame and forming the shape by layering natural of white wool sculpturing it with barbed felting needles. She creates her unique blends of colours by mixing a variety of wool fibres from different breeds of sheep to cover the sculpture.

Her pictures are inspired by the environment around her in Wensleydale where she lives with her family. Wool fibres layered, blended and stabbed until they look like a painting. Elli takes commissions of needle felted animal sculptures, pet portraits and landscape pictures. All made with wool fibres, sourced ethically, locally when possible.

Facebook and Instagram, Blue Mouse Art


Tel: 07891477324

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